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Target multiple media channels for maximum return on your marketing efforts.
Publishers interested in participating higher returns may choose to participate in promoting highly profitable PayPerCall campaigns via various Ad-Networks and Ad-Agencies that use RingLeads Global PayPerCall platform.

RingLeads' advertisers often create campaigns allowing online, offline, mobile, & media-based promotions. Participation in such PayPerCall campaigns allows Publishers to expand their footprint across print, television, radio, email, & online digital marketing channels.

Pay-per-call is one of the highest paying performance marketing category today. With rapid growth in smartphone penetration, Mobile PayPerCall is poised to get more relevant in near future. Therefore, RingLeads PayPerCall Platform is highly optimized for mobile devices targeting including realtime performance tracking and channel optimization insights.

Offered as a global solution, RingLeads is the only global PayPerCall Platform that currently offers PayPerCall solution across North America and Easter Europe. We continue to add support for multiple regions so that our customers can create global campaigns with ease.

RingLeads. flexible and feature rich APIs allows Publishers to integrated various analytics and billing features with 3rd party applications and tools.

Feature overview:
  • An intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Complete Campaign visibility
  • Instant Payout Request
  • Paypal interface for Payment transactions
  • Online and offline campaigns
  • Direct "blind" contact with Advertiser
  • Advertiser and Publisher rating system
  • Detailed reporting
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Payouts
    • Payout details per campaign & per advertiser
    • Complete & realtime call detailed records
  • Instant login to multiple accounts
  • Feature rich API for 3rd party integration
Please contact us if you are interested in participating in PayPerCall campaigns across multiple media channels for rapid business growth or if you.d like to start your own PayPerCall network. We welcome your feedback and look forward to partnering with you.