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Break the "impression" barrier. Offer enhanced PayPerCall solution
to your clients
RingLeadsTM offers white labeled PayPerCall Platform for Ad-Networks and Ad-Agencies. Built ground up and battle tested, RingLeads™ is a scalable and high performance PayPercall solution.

Together, RingLeads™' team brings over 35 years of relevant industry experience. Having used various ad-networks, we clearly understand industry requirements. We believe that a successful PayPerCall solution must provide

  • An intuitve and easy to use interface

  • Clear RoI measurement, analysis, and rich call-data reporting

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring & advanced call filtering capabilities

  • Performance based flexibile pricing model

  • Complete transparency and control for Ad-Networks, Publishers, and Advertisers

We welcome your feedback and look forward to partnering with you.

How it all started?
RingLeads™' founders built many point solutions to help large customers gather leads by phone. During the process, it became apparent that there is a critical need to be addressed and RingLeads™ was born. Based on our learning experiences, and constantly updated based on regular customer engagements, RingLeads is the only Global PayPerCall solution in the market.

We are always encouraged by feedback from the field. Even if you plan on launching PayPerCall solution for your clients in future, we would love to spend a few minutes with you in learning about your thoughts and recommendations. Your experience and understanding of Ad Networks will help us shape RingLeads. Therefore, please reach out to us at to share your feedback and comments. Listening to our customers and building solutions that solve customer problems is what we enjoy the most.