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Break the "impression" barrier. Offer enhanced PayPerCall solution
to your clients
Ringleads™ is a cloud based PayPerCall platform offered as a PaaS (Platform as a service) that empowers Ad-Agencies with capabilities to create their own PayPerCall network. Such capabilities enhances Ad-Agency.s value proposition for their customers eventually helping them grow business through value added differentiator.

Flexible and customizable interface ensures Ad-Agencies continue their existing processes while using RingLeads™ as a platform to drive performance marketing pay-per-call campaigns for their clients without having to worry about the technology, tracking, analytics, telephony, and payout mechanisms.

Our goals is to allow Ag-Agencies focus on their core expertise of driving marketing campaigns for their clients while leveraging RingLeads™ Global PayPerCall platform to take handle core PayPerCall functions resulting in optimized ROI for marketing spend with measurable results.

Offered as a global solution, RingLeads™ is the only global PayPerCall Platform that currently offers PayPerCall solution across North America and Easter Europe. We continue to add support for multiple regions so that our customers can create global campaigns with ease.

RingLeads™. flexible and feature rich APIs allows Advertisers to integrated various analytics and billing features with 3rd party applications and tools.

Feature overview:
  • An Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Clear ROI Measurement, Analysis, and Rich Call-data reporting
  • Rich Campaign creation
    • Automatic IVR
    • Web Integration
    • Offline campaigns
    • SMS Campaigns
  • Payout Condition control
    • Call Duration
    • Daily business hours
    • Geographic region
    • Call device type (landline or mobile)
    • Caller Gender, Age, Household-Income
    • Choice of creatives (Graphics, Animation, Audio, Video etc)
    • Charge reversal for suspected fraudulent transactions
  • Detailed reporting
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly budgeting
    • Payout details
    • Complete call Recording for manual reviewing
  • Advertiser and Publisher rating system
  • Instant login to multiple accounts
  • Feature rich API for 3rd party integration
Please contact us if you are interested in offering PayPerCall campaigns as part of your agency.s offerings or if you.d like to create your own PayPerCall network for your clients. We welcome your feedback and look forward to partnering with you.