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following countries
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Denmark
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Break the "impression" barrier. Offer enhanced PayPerCall solution
to your clients
RingLeads offers white labeled Global PayPerCall solution for Ad-Networks and Ad-Agencies. Battle tested and production ready, RingLeads offers optimized PayPercall solution based on feedback from early customers on our advisory committee. Built from ground up, RingLeads addresses critical scaling and performance issues of incumbent solutions. Available in US, Canada, & Europe, RingLeads is industry's first global PayPerCall Platform. With business model built around our customer.s success, RingLeads offers an unprecedented feature price combination.

Feature overview:
  • Complete Control and visibility
    • Review all campaigns
    • Review stats for each Publisher and Advertiser Campaigns
    • Payout reversal for suspected transactions
    • Automatic billing
    • Flexible Publisher Payout Structure
    • Detailed Promo-Number reporting and management
    • Detailed telephony reports
  • Flexible commission structure
    • % Commission Split
    • Fixed Fee per Qualified lead
    • Monthly Platform Subscription
    • Paypal and direct Credit Card interfaces
  • Detailed transaction tracking & reporting
    • Daily, weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly reports
    • Detailed PayOut transactions
    • Detailed Network earnout reports
    • Advertiser spending reports
  • White labeled customized portal
    • Custom CSS
    • Custom email templates and SMTP addresses
  • Performance based flexible pricing model with minimum fixed fee and commission based structure
  • An intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Clear RoI measurement, analysis, and rich call-data reporting
  • Feature rich API for 3rd party integration
So why limit your network to .Click. Ads. Break the impression barrier and launch your own PayPerCall solution. Get started now >>